I Like My EEGS Sunnyside Up

We kept our daughter up for most of the night to deprive her of sleep, on purpose. Consider it payback for all the nights she’s kept us awake. In your face, Avery! Mwah hahaha…
Kidding. She was scheduled for an EEG the next morning.

Having her good and exhausted prevents her from having to be sedated (she fell asleep naturally on the exam table within seconds) and it ensures her brain will be disorganized and stressed—perfect conditions for performing an exam to look for the abnormal brain waves associated with seizure activity.

The same test last year revealed ‘moderate abnormalities.’ This meant Avery would remain on medication—the seizures were still there, suppressed by the meds, but skulking in the shadows.

This year we were hopeful that even if the result wasn’t completely normal, there would at least be some improvement, indicating that Avery is slowly but surely growing out of this condition.

No such luck. The results were the same. ‘Moderately abnormal.’

We’ll try again in a year. There’s time, things could still change. And in the meantime we’re fortunate to have found the perfect balance of medications, with no side effects, to suppress the seizures.

When Avery woke up after the test she yawned and stretched and asked for a donut. Aw, she takes after her dad in so many ways. 😉

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