EEG Results Are In

To the untrained eye, these wavy lines are a series of peaks and valleys forming scribbles across a page. It seems incredible to me that anyone can decipher their meaning.

A neurologist can examine these lines and see inside my child’s brain — she’s breathing, she’s dreaming, she’s learning, she’s remembering; the lines tell a story. Every thought, every action, every emotion is recorded and preserved within these lines.

To the casual observer these lines are a curiosity. To somebody with Epilepsy, these lines are a gauge. A disruption in the electrical current may reveal seizures lying in wait.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of three. Her initial seizures were fierce and long lasting. Luckily three years later, seizures are being managed effectively with medication.

They are so well controlled that our neurologist suggested she may have outgrown the disorder. What a wonderful thought. An EEG would help determine if this was indeed the case. We were excited and waited anxiously for the results.

Recently I witnessed a child having a seizure. Not my child, but I saw my daughter’s reflection in this child’s face. My heart breaks for this girl’s family who must endure seizure upon seizure, every day. Medication doesn’t work for her and so they must deal with their journey the best they can.

How lucky are we that this combination of medications works so well for our daughter? It’s almost as though the Epilepsy no longer exists.

When I called the nurse to find out the results, I was stunned to hear that the seizures are still active. I thought for sure they were gone.

If I’m honest, I suppose I knew in my heart they were still there. I thought that if I wished them away and really believed that Avery’s brain had adapted and healed, that it would be true.

She’s had several lingering staring spells over the past few months. Absence Seizures they’re called. But I chose to see them as staring spells. How could they be Absence Seizures if the Epilepsy was gone?

This is disappointing, but there’s still time and hope that she will outgrow this. And so we carry on as usual and feel thankful for what we have and who she is and what is possible….

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