Best Little Laugh

I adore the internet. My son would say, “If you love it so much why don’t you marry it?” Silly boy, that would make me a polygamist.

Despite my screen being dotted with the odd spot of negativity, the bright spots eclipse the darkness. One of the brightest spots for me is my relationship with Fisher-Price. Toys, babies, supportive moms, playful kids. Hello, it doesn’t get sunnier than that.

Speaking of sunny, check out these two goofballs. Aka, the lights of my life….

Nature has assured that parents find their children impossibly adorable and entertaining so that we don’t lose our minds on them when they wake us up for no good reason at 3:47 AM…. like today.

One of the newest and brightest spots on the web is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn webpage. It offers all kids of fun webisodes, games, activities and apps to keep our little ones happy and entertained. Possibly at 3:47 AM…

To celebrate the launch of this new site, Fisher-Price is hosting a contest called the Best Little Laugh.

Enter by visiting the Best Little Laugh page and uploading your favourite photo or video of your baby at his or her cutest/funniest.

Why yes, I did cry happy and sentimental tears while going through my photos and found it nearly impossible to choose.

Here are a few favourite shots of my kids from their babyhood…



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