Six Super Ways To Make Summer Sizzle

Minus the 44 degree scorchers when your skin basically melts off your skull, summer is my favourite season. Fresh air, green grass, picnics and plenty of time frolicking in the sun and sand…. how can you go wrong? (Again, minus those alarmingly hot, humid, tornado-threatening days that reek of imminent armageddon.)

As soon as the sweaters come off and the t-shirts and shorts go on, we head outside to soak it all in. Well, as much as one can soak in wearing 50 sunblock.

Six Summer Activities That Make The Season Extra Spectacular:

1. Splashing…in the pool, at a splash pad or at the beach, fun with H20 is one of the best parts about summer. It’s also the only time of the year you can tell someone to “go jump in a lake” without causing a rift.

2. Snapping photos….Avery takes her Kid-Tough digital camera when we go on hikes or a walks around the neighbourhood. You never know what or who you might capture on film. #PintSizedPaparazzi

3. Strolling and Rolling… summer is the season for getting out and about. A walk with grandpa along the pier or a trike ride to the end of the drive-way all by yourself, it’s fun to explore.

4. Scenic Drives… Avery has had her Dora Jeep Wrangler for over six months and she enjoys it as much today as she did the first day she drove it. When her cousins were visiting a few weeks ago, they all took turns at the wheel. For once, the “getting there” was more fun than the actual destination.

5. Sight-seeing… sling your favourite family backpack over your shoulder and take off! Explore near, far, wherever you are….er, it seems I’ve just broken out into the theme from Titanic. Wherever you are, enjoy and take it all in.

6. Sluggering… Just watch and you’ll see what I mean. I laughed out loud when Avery got bonked in the head with the ball. What? It’s a soft ball, I swear. I’m not a monster. 🙂 Go get ’em slugger!

Triple Hit Baseball
However you spend your summer, be sure to sweat, smile and spend time with your family.


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