Pony Prank


My brother and his family just moved into a spectacular new country home. A horse fence surrounds the field where the former owners kept their herd, but the horses have been replaced by dogs, a cat, and the occasional meandering deer.

Jokingly I said to my brother, “If you were a GOOD uncle, you’d get your niece a pony. Just a little one?

Since the horse barn has now been converted into my brother’s workspace (his business is booming) sadly there’s no room for horses. Not even a little one.

Imagine my surprise today to see two little ponies running through the field outside the kitchen window. Ponies!!!!!! The kids and I ran out to greet them with a friendly, “Hello neighhhhh-bour!”

The ponies from a neighbour’s farm broke loose and appeared in
the yard, grazing between the trampoline and the swimming pool. They got spooked
and ended up on the lawn near the front door. I was tempted to lure them
inside the house with a carrot. But instead I took photos and oohed and
awwed at their cuteness and then shooed them back toward the field. The
owner eventually came to fetch them.

Then I texted this photo to my sister in law was at work.

Evil? Maybe just a little. Imagine buying someone ponies without asking? It’s like when your kid goes to a birthday party and comes home with a goldfish — except on a much larger, hoofier scale. FYI parents, loot bags are dumb…dumber still when they contain living things we must now look after. Sigh…flush.

I know they can’t have horses here, not even a little one, but nobody said anything about a Pot Bellied Pig…

Addendum: Last night on the way home from my niece’s gymnastics practice we rescued a lost dog running loose on the road. As I walked up to the house, greeted by my sis-in-law, I handed her the scruffy dog and said, “Happy housewarming!”

I suspect we won’t be invited back next year.

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