My Little Pony, Sexy But Lonely….

I assure you this is a PG-rated post despite the suggestive title. I’ll explain, but first you MUST listen to the My Little Pony Theme Song below. It’ll only take a minute. Actually, the first 5 seconds will suffice. It’s essential for the rest of this story. No really.

Now that the song is firmly lodged in your brain FOREVER (The tune sticks like glue. No anti-horse reference inferred by the way.) we can go on. My daughter adores the My Little Pony gang — both in their pony and human forms. She watches the show at home on Netflix and sometimes her brother watches too. He says he doesn’t like it, but I say neigh. He so does.

One day shortly after watching the show, I heard him singing the theme song to himself but with new and *improved* chorus which goes like this…

“My little pony, sexy but lonely.….” (it’s important to note that the word sexy must be sung with a Sean Connery accent).

Why? He’s ten and thinks the word seksi is hilarious. I’m 40-esque and agree; especially when said with an accent while rolling your eyes dramatically. Now we have this shtick where certain extended family members call each other, sing the song (with the new improved lyrics) and then abruptly hang up.

It’s the silly simple things in life, right?

Know what else is silly and fun? When you go to the theatre to see the newest “My Little Pony” movie and insist that everyone in your party gallops up to present their movie ticket to the ticket collector. FYI, this will only make YOU smile. The ticket collector will nervously avoid making eye contact. Clearly the dude doesn’t Prancercise.

I must clarify and say, the little ponies aren’t particularly sexy, they’re merely cute. However the single 40 something man, alone WITHOUT CHILDREN WITH HIM beside us at the theatre during Equestria Girls My Little Pony might disagree.*

This is part of our familial herd posing in front of the theatre

And this is what happens when I ask Avery to choose a pose

What a special girl’s day we had. Not only did we enjoy a sweet movie about friendship, fun and cooperation, I got to take a trip down memory lane.

My niece and sister-in-law were in town and were able to join us for the show. The very first movie Avery ever saw in a theatre was with these lovely ladies. Sitting in the darkened theatre with them two years later took me back and I couldn’t help but marvel at how far my little girl has come.

From Winnie the Pooh — getting stuck accordion style in the movie seat because she was so little, fidgeting, her attention waning, to Equestria Girls — fitting in the seat perfectly, attentively watching the movie, and laughing, singing along and clapping in all the right places? Amazing.

Thanks Momstown for the tickets! We appreciate the way you ponied up and cantor thank you enough. We oat you a lot and it behooves me to say, the mane attraction didn’t stall, not even once. Too many puns. This mare is off to get a glass of water now. I’m feeling a little hoarse.

Feeling a little horse.

*Well, I stand corrected. I’m the first to say judgy folks should be flogged and yet, here I am judging. I had no idea about Bronies: men who “dig My Little Pony for the animation, plot and character development.” You can read more about Bronies and their affection for MLP here.

Everyone, sing it with me, “My little Bronie, my little Bronie…”

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