The Sweetest Birthday Boy

Is it just me, or does this seem like a LOT of presents??
We threw a birthday party for our 6yr old today. The weather was brilliant, nobody went missing or got injured and despite my pathetic cupcakes, the kids had a blast.

We weren’t sure what to do for his party this year. Parents in our neighbourhood tend to go crazy overboard and we didn’t want to do that. Who am I kidding, we couldn’t afford it even if we wanted to. We ended up reserving the mini-soccer field behind our house. You can rent a public field from the city ($12 for 2hrs).



Hubby pitched a tent…ahem, for shade. We brought snacks and drinks, mangled cupcakes and scads of sports equipment – one of the many perks of being married to a gym teacher. My husband and his brother, also a P.E. guy organized all sorts of fun, active games.

Our boy was such a great little party host. He introduced his neighbour friends to his school friends and made sure everyone felt welcome.

There was only one injection of drama–an ambulance, sirens blasting went speeding toward our house while the pizza was being delivered. My mom was at our house babysitting a napping DD. Every adult at the party stopped cold. We were all thinking the same thing–that ambulance was heading to our house. I called home on my cell. My mom answered, “It’s fine. I hear the sirens. Everything is okay. She’s okay. ” At the same time, my neighbour called home to make sure the ambulance wasn’t at our house. He rocks. I owe him beers at our house soon.

Apart from that one very distressing moment, the day was great. My heart swelled to see how proud our son was to be the centre of attention–the king of the day. All children deserve a special day in their honour every year, but I can’t help but feel that he might deserve it just a tiny bit more. He has had to defer so much attention to his sister this past few years and he has never once complained or acted out. He’s a sweet, loving boy who absolutely deserves the attention and gifts that were lavished upon him today.

We love you kiddo.

Mummy and Daddy xo xo


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  • Holy loot batman! sounds like a great time – and how cool to rent a field, that's the best way to do it!

    glad the sirens weren't going to your house.

    I have two winter babies, their parties are doomed 😉

  • Your son sounds like a very special boy, and (you're right) very much deserving of a day in his honour. You can feel the love you and your DH have for him, and I'm certain your daughter does, too. I'm also certain that because you're so aware of his generous nature, that he feels how much he's loved and appreciated.

  • I'll be dropping my two very sweet and well behaved boys at your house tomorrow morning to play with your son's loot. Will pick them up at five – on Tuesday.

  • You can see the sheer joy on his face. He knows how truly loved he is LT and he's lucky to have you both. Glad you guys had a fun day to all be kids – you needed it. Those cupcakes look rockin! PS glad the ambulance passed you by…Happy Bday from A&U J

  • That's a lot of kids! Looks like and sounds like a great birthday party! And yes, that is a lot of presents! Happy Birthday to your big little boy! 😉

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