Merry Halloween — What To Do With Left Over Candy

Halloween is terrifying. I’m not talking ghosts or ghouls or gore — I’m referring to the other G-Word — gluttony. Specifically mine. If there’s a Kit Kat or Coffee Crisp bar within a 500 foot radius, I will find it and I will put it in my mouth.

So what are we “willpower challenged” to do at Halloween? Of course I buy treats that hold as little appeal to me as possible in case of left-overs. But then there’s the problem of the kids’ treats they bring home. Away at school all day, me at home…their candy calls to me seductively like a mythological siren.

So in an attempt to limit my junk intake (because let’s get real… I AM  going to steal their treats) here are five ways to re-purpose candy for the next big holiday…Christmas


Tree-Shaped Brownie Torte


Frosted Reindeer Cookies


Jingle Bell Christmas Cookie Pizza


Reindeer Cupcakes


 Gingerbread houses or these Bird House Ornament Cookies


If you think that keeping your paws of the candy for fifty-five days is a tad unrealistic (which for me, it probably is) then you might try one of these alternatives.

1. Host a “Build Your Own Sundae” party and set the candy out in bowls to use as toppings.

2. Add a little to trailmix or pancakes for a special fun surprise.

3. Take the chocolate out of their wrappers, crumble and freeze in a ziplock bag. Use later to choclify a shake, add to a cookie recipe or just eat by the handful when you’re in the midst of a PMS

Have a very merry Halloween everyone! 

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