C is For Cookie and Also Catastrophe

“I don’t bake, I bakery.” This is a line I use often and for good reason. My cookies crumble, my loaves are listless, my cakes are lopsided and my pies…well, I gave up on them ages ago. I “bakery” them. Thank you Costco for your behemoth pies that serve 24 people, if you indeed decide to share. *coughs and wipes pie crumbs from chin*

It’s also more expensive to buy ready-made. Plus who knows what preservatives and lardy bits are hidden in store bought goodies?

So, in an attempt to be more budget conscious and increasingly healthful-ish I’ve been baking. Are you laughing? You’re totally laughing. And you SHOULD be because watching me work a sifter or rolling pin is laughable. Picture flour everywhere, sink piled high with greased up cookie sheets, dough on the floor and on the dog, swearing, lots of swearing and sometimes, smoke. 

However, I’m proud to say I have mastered the art of oatmeal cookies. In fact, my last batch was not merely edible, it was downright tasty. How amusing that my son was beyond excited to offer a cookie to his friend. “My mom made these,” he announced with pride. And then there’s my sweet toothed hubby who came through the door after work, greeted by the smell of baked goods. He checked to make sure he was indeed in the right house, grinned and then drooled a little. I immediately scored 87 Awesome Wife points (would have been 100 if I’d been scantily clad or the piles of laundry had been put away).

No, this picture is NOT stolen from Google images. I MADE these yo’!
So with this encouragement and my family’s baked good needs fully resting upon my flour dusted shoulders, I am foraging on. Yesterday cookies, today brownies, tomorrow dare I say, cake? Screw the cake. I can get that at Costco. 
Now, a question for you REAL bakers out there. Though my oatmeal cookies were a success, they don’t exactly hit the budget/healthful mark. 1/2 cup of butter, 1 1/2 cups of sugar??!! It’s no wonder they taste good. Can you recommend a cookie recipe that is tasty and healthy(er)? Perhaps with some power foods hidden stealthfully within the cookie? And nut-free so I can send them to school. Also, my son doesn’t eat chocolate. Don’t even get me started on that…
Betty Crocker Wanna-Be

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