Calendar Woes And Ice Cream Cake


Like a tipsy outfielder squinting into the sun during an eclipse, I’m dropping a lot of balls.

My husband says I’m the most disorganized organized person he’s ever met, while my friends have suggested I’m in need of a calendar revamp. They may be right. 

My inability to sync my multitude of calendars plays a key role in this disorganized tale. In order to reinstate some balance to my topsy turvy schedule, the first thing I need to do is find a cohesive calendar solution. My current (flaky) system has not been serving me well. The fact that I actually have “Learn how to sync calendars” written on one of my calendars… is laughable. 
Here’s the mess I’m dealing with:

Calendar 1: the traditional paper calendar that hangs inside my kitchen cupboard — which apparently you need to LOOK at on a daily basis to avoid missing important appointments…like your physical, which has now been rescheduled for four months from now. Or like your kids’ doctors appointments. The ones you now have to pay $60 for missing because they charge an “idiot fee.”

Calendar 2: the wall calendar in my office where you need to actually write things down in order to remember them; like birthdays. FYI, friends don’t think it’s cute or charming when you miss important milestones in their lives. Go figure.

Calendar 3: on my iphone. Syncing and the whole icloud situation have me dazed and confused. I’m so discombobulated that last week I showed up for a meeting early. An entire day early.

Calendar 4: the master calendar on my computer which would have been a handy place to jot down the date of the party we missed. I neglected to RSVP to said party because the invitation was hidden out of sight, lost under my handwritten To-Do list. Oh the irony.

Being this scattered is not only ineffective and frustrating for me, it’s rude. Case in point: I received a lovely email from Bryan at Dairy Queen asking if he could drop off a sweet treat. Um, yeah Bryan, that would be juuuuust fine. We set a date and he followed up with a time. I assured him I would be home. I even checked my calendar. You know where this is going…

After picking up the kids from school, we ran a few errands and then headed to the grocery store. Thankfully I checked my email before we went in. There was a message from Bryan — he was sitting in front of my house, melting ice cream imminent, asking politely if I’d be home soon.

Oh for the frig, I’d done it again. I sent him a harried message telling him I’d be there in five and sped for home. Imagine my embarrassment when I arrived to find this nice guy waiting outside my house, frozen cake in hand. Bryan drove all the way from the city to deliver this beautiful cake and I nearly missed out (not to mention putting him out) due to my inept scheduling.

And can we talk about this cake for a minute?

Why yes they did ice it in the denimy blue of my blog and customized it with FOREVER in MOM GENES in brown. Seriously? Awesome.

And it tastes as good as it looks. I let my son cut the first slice (that’s his handy work on the left) while somebody, I’m looking at YOU my sweet angelic daughter, snuck a few licks while I was taking photos. Even without the photographic evidence, the blue icing moustache was a dead give away.
GVtL2U on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
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