The Motherload: Gifts For the Work-At-Home-Mom

I’m a WAHM. Not of the Careless Whisper variety, but the kind below {the first definition, though I sometimes sing “Stacy’s Mom while I work.}

As woman who works at home, I’m in touch with my domestic side. And, as thrilled as I was to receive this present last Christmas *supremely sarcastic eyeroll* I would have much rather received something useful.

Useful as in… something to make my office space more functional and comfortable and downright pretty. This is coming from a person who can’t sleep in an unmade bed or cook in a messy kitchen. Disorganized spaces are distracting. When my office is untidy, I don’t work as effectively. Everything needs to have a place. And if that place happens to be labelled, even better!

Last week I received a basket of home office supplies from Staples. I’d been ogling several pieces from the Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery line and now I have them in my office! My now well appointed office. My co-workers seem to approve. I have to say, canines make terrific office mates. Until the door bell rings while you’re on the phone. Then I want to shoot elastics at them.


My daughter helped unpack the basket. She seemed to think it was a gift for her. Ya, your name may be Avery, but these pretty Avery products have my name all over them. I am in love with the colours. Cool white, chocolate brown and turquoise look delicious together. 
And check out this excellent Stack+Fit system. It tucks in perfectly on my desk beside my computer and keeps everything organized. Plus, look how pretty it is. I find my eyes darting away from my computer screen to the notebooks. They’re just so lovely to look at. I almost hate to write in them…
I moved everything over from my old {falling apart} work binder which I generously bestowed upon my daughter, into this new heavy duty, pretty binder. I love the easy open click tab. The rings quietly pop open with a light touch. Sigh. It’s the little things. I can’t function without my binder. I have everything I need in one spot: invoice ledger, blogging calendar, task list, personal schedule, client info. It keeps me on schedule–mostly–and yes, I have all of this information on my computer as well. Call me old school but I like to flip pages and cross off tasks with a ballpoint pen. 
And I used these accessories to push my office space into a new level of organized. It’s so zen in here my office is now an ohm-fice. What does that even mean? I’m giddy from the beauty of it all and I’ve literally opened and shut my office door from the outside and looked in at the splendour a few dozen times. My husband called this behaviour odd. Whatever. At least I don’t give people oven mitts for Christmas. 
The decal peels off easily so you can move it if you need to. The Shagreen File Pocket on the wall below adheres really well and holds all the documents I like to have close at hand. {‘Documents’ makes me sound rather important don’t you think? I also quite enjoy the word attaché.}
If you have a WAHM in your life and you want her to know how important you think she is and how much you value the work she does, perhaps oven mitts isn’t the best gift choice. I suggest you check out the Martha Stewart with Avery line, exclusive to Staples. You’re sure to find something she’ll love. 
This is MY Avery doing her “work” in my office. I love that my desk swivels so we can do our work together. She has her sights set on my new notebook, but seems content for the moment with her new {to her} binder. *mental note: hide notebook*
Disclosure: Staples provided samples of the office products mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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