Back To School, What’s Cool?


There’s a rumour going around that summer is nearly over. I refuse to believe it but we did some back to school shopping just in case…

FYIThis post is not sponsored. I wasn’t paid to toot anyone’s horns. I’ll tell you if any of these items were given to us. Otherwise, I dug deep into my mom jean pockets and paid for these myself or plan to. By “plan to” I don’t mean to imply that I stole anything. I haven’t shoplifted since I was six years old and I took a tiny brush from the paint store I was in with my mum. In my defence, I thought they were free. My mother made me go back to the store to return it. I’ve never gotten a five-finger discount since. A few of this items are still on my wish list.  My ever growing, long, long, super list of wants. 



Four power outlets and two USB ports all in one cute little PowerCube. It’s become our family’s charging station. Comes in blue, red and grey. *I received this item to try at a product preview.  



We needed to new iPad covers. I looked at the Apple Store and gasped. I found these babies at Walmart in the States on a clearance rack. Even with the exchange, these were a steal at $7.95 each. Score!



This printer is on my list of wants. Not expensive at $49 and it’s very compact and so cute—this would be perfect in my son’s room.


bose mint green speaker

So pretty and such great sound quality! My husband bought this Bose bluetooth speaker for me. He got bonus points for matching it to my phone case (completely by accident).



My daughter went shopping with her dad at Chapters/Indigo and came home with this book—now her most favourite book ever. The sweet illustrations guide us (yes, we do it together with her) through a few relaxing yoga poses before bed. It’s great. Highly recommend!



If you and your kids like to colour, this shareable colouring book is a great idea! Each theme is designed face to face so you can sit at a table with your child, facing each other, to colour. *This book was sent to me to review.



Want!!! I’ve been looking for something exactly like this to keep class photos, special artwork and report cards all in one place—organized and cute, as a keepsake. (Currently my kids’ schoolwork is shoved in an accordion file folder).



This water/coffee/tea/whichever liquid you want, tumbler is AMAZING! For real. My fabulous sister in law bought one for my husband and one for me this summer when we visited them in the States. They are all the rage there. I’d never heard of ‘Yeti’ before. Now I use mine every day for coffee, then my smoothie, and then as my water bottle. Cold and hot liquids keep their temp FOREVER. It’s crazy. But don’t take my word for it. Google it.


made good granola bars

We always have a box of these in our cupboard. Well, two actually since they come 5 to a box. Kinda hard to divide “fairly” when you have an even number of kids. But I digress. In a perfect world I’d bake my own granola. Ha. As if. So I’m happy with these! Organic, Non GMO, vegan, nut-free so safe for school, plus there’s a does of veggies in there. Thumbs up! *I was given a box of these at a product preview but we were already fans.


Reusable, washable, wipeable, adorable. I’m smitten with these kitten themed treat bags. I have to get my paws on these Meow Snack Packs by Fluf for our lunch bags!


davids tea steeper

David, nice work with the tea steeper. I bought this 36oz beauty along with a few herbal teas (the strawberry pina colada is amazing!). It’s $30 for the large pot, so the price isn’t too…steep. 🙂 Sorry. We’ve been drinking a lot of herbal teas lately and if you’re a tea fan, you need to try this. Just scoop the tea leaves into the pot, fill with hot water, steep for the suggested time and then hold the steeper over your cup and dispense the tea out the bottom. Magic. 




I came home from a product preview with the Avery binder on the right. Clearly my daughter has staked her claim by putting a Mables Label Avery sticker on her Avery binder. The kid loves a pretty binder. 



My daughter is obsessed with decorating her locker this year. Item one: this funky light-up magnetic locker mirror. Not sure what she’ll be checking? Her lipstick? She’s ten. But it’s pink and it lights up so… yay. *I received this item at a product preview and scored huge mom points with my darling daughter. 



These are fun. And new. We like new things. And things that smell. These are scented (like the markers) twistable gel crayons and my daughter can’t wait to take them to school! *I brought these home from a product preview. They are available at but they don’t seem to be available here in Canada yet.

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  • I love that charging cube!! So cute!

    Last year was my 10 year old’s first ever year with a locker and you better believe we went shopping for locker accessories. We bought a shelf and mirror and a few magnets. Hmm. What shall we add this year for Grade 5? (I’m not ready, btw, but buying a new fun thing or two helps. I am after a new purple pen!)

    Love this post. Avery’s Avery binder is absolutely beautiful! Also, the bedtime yoga book looks fabulous.

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