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I am beautiful. At least this is the message I try to model for my daughter. However, when my head is dotted with dry broken hairs, spiking out from my crown, I feel more like a cactus than a beautiful woman.

I envy my daughter’s downy mane and I can’t help but stroke it until she tells me to stop hair-assing her. What? You didn’t think this post wouldn’t include a few stray hair puns, did you? Wait! Before you try to escape via some excuse about having to go wash your hair, read on… I have hair tips for you. No really. Perhaps you’ll even call me your hair-o? Okay, okay…I’ll use the puns sp-hairingly. 


The other day my son said, “Mum, you have a lot of colours of hair. There’s black hair under your yellow hair and all kinds of white hairs mixed in.”  I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful. I must keep repeating this mantra despite my children’s vulgar honesty.

I visited the Beauty Supply Outlet last week in search of a cactus-head serum of some kind. My daughter and my mom came along —just us blondes. Well, one natural blonde. Two thirds of us have a ‘little’ help. And when our hair is a titch over processed, the staff at the BSO know what to do. They’re eager to help and can expertly pinpoint exactly what you need.

Meghann worked with my mom on her hair dilemma. My mum has always had short hair, but has recently grown it out. She’s now finding that after shampooing, the hair on the top of her head is matted.

Meghann suggested she lather with her fingertips with her head upside down, massaging only the scalp—the rest of the hair doesn’t need to be shampooed—it only requires conditioning. My daughter is demonstrating the technique.

We also learned that sulfate-free shampoo (which is better for colour treated hair) may not lather well but instead of getting yourself into a lather over it, simply add more water to your hair while shampooing. This will increase the lather without having to add more product. Try it. It works!

My mum’s other issue is her stubbornness. Whoops, typo. I meant, lack of volume. We both have fine hair and it’s hard to get much lift. Oh man, there’s another joke there but I’m already pushing it with the “stubborn” crack. So, she’s trying the Oasis Blow & Go Thick Volumizer. I plan to “borrow” it next time I visit.


We both ended up getting this trio of products —Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Colour Repair made with quinoa. Mmmmm, quinoa. All three—the shampoo, conditioner and the thermal protection spray—come in a trial size kit. The conditioner is quite moisturizing, so for fine hair like mine, use it sparingly and only on the ends. As for trial sizes? Love ’em. If you find a product isn’t suited for your hair type (Meghann says hair can respond quite differently to different products and you need to find the correct balance of ingredients for you) you won’t be stuck with a giant bottle.

I blow-dry and flat iron my wavy hair into submission several times a week, so it takes quite a beating from heating. The Paul Mitchell Triple Rescue (above) is perfect for protecting my hair from the heat of the blow-dryer. Spray it on wet hair (I actually spray it in my hands and work it through my hair) and blow dry as usual. But the pump isn’t ideal for flat ironing however. For that, a fine, dry mist is better (below), *If your hair is at all damp-ish when you flat iron, well, there’s sizzling. Sizzling is bad.

And for my daughter, the girl with the curly golden locks, we couldn’t “head” out without getting her something. That would be hair-esy!


We picked up these Mixed Chicks Kids products—shampoo, conditioner and tangle-tamer. They’re tear free and natural— no perfumes, dyes or sulfates. Made for kids with curly or unruly hair, they moisturize, control frizz and define curl. And suddenly, my gorgeous girl is even gorgeous-er.

She added this pink hair dryer to her “birthday wish list” and we picked up this purple comb because…purple is where it’s at these days. And, we got her the Wet Brush (best brush ever… not kidding) – more info below.

Finally, I asked Meghann to name some of the most popular and best-loved products. Aside from the RED HOT DEALS, which change frequently, this is her TOP FIVE.


1. Redken Anti-Snap —leave-in treatment for damaged hair. I don’t know about you, but when my hair breaks, I snap! 

2. Wet Brush — So it’s a brush. Whoop-dee-do, right? Well, it’s amazing. It’s great for wet or dry hair with little to no hair snagging. And we know what happens when we snag our kid’s hair. It’s not pretty. I can’t say enough about this brush. It’s kind of life changing. It’s all in the bendy bristles. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Morning hair brushing has never been so peaceful.

3. It’s A 10 Miracle Dry Shampoo—I’ve tried several dry shampoos. All of them were way too drying for me. I haven’t tried this product yet so I can’t offer my opinion, but I was told it isn’t as drying as it also conditions and manages frizz. I’m going to have to give this one a try.

4. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron—Three barrels for the price of one. Nice. This is going to be a ‘hot’ item this holiday season.

5. Deva Curl—Apparently, this line of products for curly girlies lies off the BSO shelf.

In a nutshell… The Beauty Supply Outlet is a one-stop beauty supply shop that carries top beauty and hair care brands. There are always great deals to be found and the employees are happy to offer their expert advice to ensure you look spectacul-hair. So some hair puns just don’t work but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

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1.) This post was brought to you by The Beauty Supply Outlet. The opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Beauty Supply Outlet. 2.) I’m not a true blonde. Shocking. I know. 😉

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