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A Family Hairstory

A Family Hairstory

  I am beautiful. At least this is the message I try to model for my daughter. However, when my head is dotted with dry broken hairs, spiking out from my crown, I feel more like a cactus than a beautiful woman. I envy my daughter’s downy mane and I can’t help but stroke it until she tells me to stop hair-assing her. What? You didn’t think this post wouldn’t include a few stray hair puns, did you? Wait! Before you try to escape via some excuse about having to go wash your hair, read on… I have hair tips for you. No really. Perhaps you’ll even call me your hair-o? Okay, okay…I’ll use the puns sp-hairingly.    The other day my son said, “Mum, you have a lot of colours of hair. There’s black hair under your yellow hair and all kinds of white hairs mixed in.”  I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful. I must keep repeating this mantra despite my children’s vulgar honesty. I visited the Beauty Supply Outlet last week in search of a cactus-head serum of some kind. My daughter and my mom came along —just us blondes. Well, one natural blonde. Two[…]

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