Her First Haircut

My daughter is seven and she’s never had a haircut. Not really. Her aunt gave her a trim one summer, but other than that, no snippy snippy.

And no, she’s not all Rapunzel with hair past her waist. It falls just below her shoulders in baby fine waves. It’s beautiful and I’m in no rush to cut it. She was virtually bald when she was born. Her peach fuzz head was a surprise after her brother’s shock of thick black spiky baby hair. Her hair took years to grow even past her ears.

Yesterday I took my son to the barber to tame his unruly mop. Usually his dad takes him, but after coming home last time with a mullet I thought it best to go to offer some guidelines.

Avery came along and watched as her brother got spritzed and said, “It’s mine turn next. I so excited!”

first haircut

Oh dear. Now what?

After she asked me several (28) more times if it was her turn yet, I asked the barber if they cut girl’s hair. He suggested I ask Joe the owner. This is an old school Italian barber shop. I was the only woman in the place and every eye was affixed to a soccer game on screens around the shop. Joe seemed occupied so I stayed in my seat.
Avery continued to question me about her “appointment.” Finally the man sitting beside us watching the soccer game offered to cut her hair. I assumed he worked there. Oh god, I hope he worked there. So with an, “Okay, maybe just a teeny trim,” Avery was in the chair like a shot. The next thing I knew, Tony Soprano was cutting my daughter’s hair.
I wasn’t worried. It was just a trim and she was so happy. With her eyes fixed on the mirror she whispered, “Wow. I boo-tiful.” And she was.
Tony spritzed and snipped and was so gentle. I wanted to cry. I always want to cry.
And then he pulled out a round brush and began to give her a full blow out. This was hysterical to watch. He had clearly never used a round brush before nor had he styled a female’s hair. This became more evident as he began to awkwardly back comb her crown. I had to laugh (so much better than crying).
Tony laughed too. But Avery didn’t. She was too busy admiring herself and working her new look.
first haircut

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