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The Motherload: Gifts For the Work-At-Home-Mom

The Motherload: Gifts For the Work-At-Home-Mom

I’m a WAHM. Not of the Careless Whisper variety, but the kind below {the first definition, though I sometimes sing “Stacy’s Mom while I work.} As woman who works at home, I’m in touch with my domestic side. And, as thrilled as I was to receive this present last Christmas *supremely sarcastic eyeroll* I would have much rather received something useful. Useful as in… something to make my office space more functional and comfortable and downright pretty. This is coming from a person who can’t sleep in an unmade bed or cook in a messy kitchen. Disorganized spaces are distracting. When my office is untidy, I don’t work as effectively. Everything needs to have a place. And if that place happens to be labelled, even better! Last week I received a basket of home office supplies from Staples. I’d been ogling several pieces from the Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery line and now I have them in my office! My now well appointed office. My co-workers seem to approve. I have to say, canines make terrific office mates. Until the door bell rings while you’re on the phone. Then I want to shoot elastics at them.   My daughter helped unpack the[…]

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