Friends Supporting My Kids—It Takes Village

I wrote a story recently about how one of Avery’s school friends shoed her away on the playground and hurt her little heart in the process.

The very next day when we arrived at school, my friend Pat was there with this sweet calendar in hand for Avery to cheer her up. (Avery hung it beside her bed and adds a sticker every night before she goes to sleep to mark the days. Sweet AND educational. Gotta love that.)

A few weeks ago my son joined the digital world—he now has his own Facebook account. I know, why? Do our kids really need to be exposed to social media at the tender age of tween? This topic is a post in itself, but the bottom line—he only checks and/or posts once daily and all “friends” must be approved by me. He uses his account to look at family photos and to post links to his stop motion animation creations.

At first his stream was quiet. But as family and my friends caught wind of his passion for animation, they started leaving comments and cheers of support. It rocked his world and encouraged him to keep at it.

Lucky with a capital L. That’s us.

Then I shared a story with tips for including children with special needs in play dates. The next day this Facebook message appeared. A few private messages back and forth and bam! Avery has a special play date on the calendar.

I’m not saying you have to be a mama to care about other people’s kids. My friend Ali loves my kids and takes a genuine interest in them. Ali has the cutest banter going with Sebastian. She is constantly threatening to “take him down” on the Wii playing field. He laughs and rolls his eyes and he loves it. He loves her too. And so does Avery. When I told her Ali had invited us over for a girls’ day of baking, Avery lost her cupcake loving mind.

My heart nearly busted writing that. This may sound morbid and gross but if anything should ever happen to me, I know Ali and my other girlfriends will step up to care for my kids. It’s comforting. In fact I’ve (half) jokingly instructed Adrian to marry Ali if I should fall down a mine shaft or get lost at sea or something. Wait, he got this blissful far away look in his eye. Did I mentioned Ali is hilarious and smokin’ hot? On another note, I think Adrian has been poisoning my food…

When my girlfriends phone here Avery recognizes their names on the call display. She runs to answer and they chat. There’s no rushed or impatient, “Is your mum there?” It’s them, chatting together like old girlfriends and I have to wait my turn. It’s awesome. And sweet. And I’m grateful.

And then there was this enormously thoughtful gesture that nearly brought me to tears. 

My friend Laurie knows how much Avery loves a party. So she took time out of her busy schedule to host one. Just for Avery. The table was fit for a princess—flowers and tea cups and Avery’s favourite mac and cheese. In her special princess cape and glittery crown, Avery was treated like royalty.


It was the perfect Princess Party— from the grown up luncheon, to interactive nail bar, to gymnastics in the basement!

Laurie, thank you for loving my girl. You show it in your words and your actions and the way you smile whenever you see her.

And the fact that you let Avery paint YOUR nails and then kept them like that for work the next day? The sweetest.

“Thank you for making me feel like a princess!”

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