Take A Dip In Our (Cess) Pool

Yesterday it was a sweltering 40 °C, so after school the kids were excited to come home and cool off. I made them virgin strawberry daiquiris with swizzle sticks and paper umbrellas and we clinked our glasses and toasted to the summer ahead.

Then my sweaty children put on their swim suits, lubed up with SPF and took their slippery selves for a dip in our brand new pool!!!

Exciting, I know. You were probably super jealous just reading that. You may also have been thinking, “Wow, how can they even afford this aquatic luxury on their stupidly tight budget??”

Ok fine, this isn’t our pool. I don’t know these people. But I want to…
 THIS is our new swimming pool. You are welcome to come take a dip with us any time, Hilly Billy style!

But here’s thing, kids don’t CARE about luxury or keeping up with the Jones’. Give them a bucket, some water and a hose and they’re coolio.

So move over kids, mama’s comin’ in! Cannon ball!

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