Oh. My. God. I’m. Tired.

Sleep deprivation and parenthood go hand and hand. I’m aware of this. But my kids are 6 and 3! Is there no end in sight to the persistent dark under eye circles, puffy lids and greyish skin tone? Not to mention the continuous state of “idiot” I seem to be in. Always forgetting where I’ve left things, trouble forming complete sentences, losing my train of um, you know, the…what was I saying?

Lack of sleep turns a Yummy Mummy into a Dummy Mummy. Last night, I shut down my computer early. If you must know, my Tweetdeck crashed, so I figured the hell with it and turned in for the night.

After tossing and turning for the usual hour or so, I finally drifted to sleep with soothing thoughts of how non-puffy and fresh I would be after a good night’s rest.

1:15 a.m.. The baby monitor lit up our room like a red light district. I jumped up and stumbled blindly down the hall to check on DD. Weird. She was sleeping like, well, like a baby. Back to bed. More adrenaline induced tossing and turning and then back to sleep.

2:35 a.m.. More screaming. Wailing actually and then muffled voices discussing why the baby might be crying. What – the – hell?

We were getting the signal from our neighbour’s next door! My children were sleeping soundly. Not making a peep for a once. Clearly Hypnos, the god of sleep has it in for me. If my family is finally allowing me to slumber, then someone else’s family should step in to shake me awake.

Tonight, I’m going to sleep in my car in the garage…


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  • Oh, I know… I'm in a constant state of tired! Even when my kids go to bed around 9, a decent bed time, I'll stay up until 1 a.m. like an idiot, on the computer, or reading, or watching TV. Why do I do this to myself? Otherwise, my kids will be up either puking or wetting the bed, and I'll have to change sheets, etc. in the middle of the night – not fun at all! You should maybe get a better baby monitor so you don't have to hear other babies at night crying! That is something you SO don't need, you know?

  • I hear you about the sleep deprivation. I have done so many dumb things lately as a result of too little sleep. Please tell me it doesn't really go on until they're 3 years old?

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