Evel Knievel Rides Into Summer

My daughter is happiest when she’s moving. Running, hopping, scooting around on her wittle bum, and of course,  climbing — her forte. The kid can’t sit still. I on the other hand am more than happy to sit until dust bunnies collect at my feet. But, when you have a child who is in perpetual motion, maternal sitting is rare.

And as “enjoyable” as it is to play soccer goalie in the basement or hover helicopter-parent style under the jungle gym, sometimes I need a few minutes to do “frivolous” tasks like, you know, make dinner or unload the dishwasher.

Occasionally (when the gods are smiling down upon my weary head) I’m able to cue up Netflix or set out some puzzles to keep this whirling dervish entertained and seated within view (because when she’s out of sight, THIS happens).

So when the Fisher-Price Fairy delivered our latest toy to test, I knew it would be a win-win.

Avery couldn’t wait to take it for a ride.

No, seriously. Look at her. She couldn’t even wait for me to take it out of the box. If I had a dollar for every ounce of her enthusiasm, I’d be a very rich lady.

I put together the Barbie Tough Trike with a minimal cursing. I admit to dropping one small s-bomb and I now owe my son a quarter. My gutter mouth will likely fund his college education.

Avery wasted no time test driving her new wheels. It was raining, so she did laps around the kitchen island while I made supper. She loves driving her battery operated car in the basement, but it’s too big for upstairs. The compact size of this trike is ideal for kitchen terrain.

Carpets pose a problem however. The plastic front wheel can’t get a good grip, so tile or pavement is best. Also, the wheels may be plastic, but they still hurt when driven over a bare foot. Aaaaaand, fork over yet another quarter….

The next day the sun came out and mini Evel Kinevel took to the back deck. How convenient that we have two levels. Up, up, up… and prepare to launch.

See why I must have a visual of this child at all times? Stunt driving is not allowed on my watch. After being banished to the lower level, she worked on her steering skills by weaving around chihuahuas.



It didn’t take them long to seek the safety of higher ground. When we go out for longer excursions, Avery usually opts for her Dora Jeep or her two wheeler with training wheels (which is nearly too small for our growing girl). But indoors, the Tough Trike is the perfect size and weight for cruising around the kitchen, burning off energy while mum sits and drinks coffee. 🙂 

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