A Peek Inside Her Head


Have you ever looked at your child and asked, “What is going inside that head of yours?” Apparently there’s a way to find out. Just hook up them to tangle of rainbow coloured wires and take a gander at their brain waves…

Avery has been having seizures since she was three years old. This is attributed in some way to her genetic disorder. Luckily for us, we have found the perfect balance of medications and outside of a few minor absence seizures, she has been seizure free for nearly two years.

She was tested a few years ago and the results showed “moderate seizure activity” despite having relatively few physical symptoms.

So now it’s time again; the neurologist scheduled another peek via EEG. If no seizure activity is present, he will wean her off the anti seizure meds. This is both thrilling and terrifying…

“But, what if her seizures come back?!” I protested. “She’s fine on the meds. Can’t we just wait a little longer?”

“We need to give her a chance,” he told me. “You don’t keep someone on medication if they don’t need it.”

He’s right. I may not like it, but this is what happens now. We should get the test results this week.

What a beautiful miracle it would be if our girl has indeed outgrown those nasty seizures.


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