When It Rains It Pours


We all have stuff to deal with. But hopefully said “stuff” is spread out and doesn’t happen all at once….like when life’s little challenges rained upon us in one intense deluge.

Over the past three weeks…

  • Daughter’s pre-op meeting with anesthetist
  • Daughter’s pre-op general exam
  • Grandfather in hospital
  • Daughter’s EEG to determine if seizure activity is still present (still waiting for results)
  • Mom gets five minutes of work done
  • Daughter’s dental surgery
  • Daughter’s annual blood work to screen for potential blood disorder associated with genetic condition
  • Daughter gets Strep Throat and ear drum bursts
  • Mom talks to her doctor about her rising anxiety and wonders if she’ll feel calm, cool and collected ever again?
  • Mom gets Strep Throat.
  • Daughter’s annual 24-hour Holter monitor test to assess rhythm, mom too sick to go so husband steps in
  • Daughter’s blood work comes back “abnormal”. Mom freaks out and imagines the worst
  • Mom, son and daughter go to Sick Kids for new blood test. Son faints. Mom questions whether 3 pm is too early to start drinking?
  • Contractor hired to fix post-flood kitchen bails and we’re left counter and ceiling-less
  • Mom has weird allergic reaction and breaks out in hives
  • Another issue involving “the R-word” rears its closed minded head
  • Daughter chokes. She’s okay but man, so scary. More to come on this…
  • Heart test comes back NORMAL!
  • Second blood test comes back NORMAL!
  • Mom breathes a sigh of relief and hopes this storm has passed

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