Sick of It

I’m sick of getting sick. It’s sickening. If I had an attack dog, I’d sick him on sickness. There have been so many germs and unwelcome viruses around here lately, it’s surprising we’re not living on a street lined with Sycamore trees. Sick-a-more. My Movember plan to be Sick-a-less hasn’t been going so well. 
Pink eye, strep throat, allergies, coughs, colds and now…the dreaded flu. I used to be able to fend off these germy buggars with both eyes tied behind my back. I know that’s not a real quote but I don’t care. It makes me laugh and we flu sufferers need all the humour we can find because one look in the mirror and it’s all tears and disgust. I look hideous. But now, I seem to fall prey to every bug that blows my way.
My son caught something at school last week. Being the strapping young lad he is, he fought it off valiantly. Avery caught it next. She didn’t fare as well and was a sick little girl for several days. Then, I caught it. The chills, the shakes and fever, the sore throat and all over body ache–the flu is a real bastard.
It’s bad enough being out of commission, but what’s worse is when people say, “Oh my god? Again?! You’re always sick!” Because THAT sure makes a sick person feel better. I realize I’ve been under the weather a lot lately. This is no news flash. Trust me, I find it more alarming and frustrating than you do. 
Today, even though I wanted to curl up and die, I worked at my computer while sipping tea and popping Tylenol, pretending to be “well.” I didn’t want anyone to know I was sick…again. I felt like I had to keep this dirty little secret for fear of judgment. Perhaps I fear people might confuse my weakened immune system with a weakness in character? Or maybe I’m afraid people will think I’m a hypochondriac or attention seeking drama queen? (I’m not! I swear. Ok, maybe I like a little drama, but not this kind).  
Have you ever been sick more than once in a short span of time, and been made to feel like it’s your fault for not taking better care of yourself? I hate feeling like a weakling. I’m trying really hard to take better care of me. Hello, My Movember and everything? Ok, I’m going to bed because healthy people who take good care of themselves *points to self* go to bed by 10pm.

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