Paging Dr. McDreamy—Ear Tube Surgery

Our daughter had ear tube surgery today. Not a major procedure, but to me it may as well have been a brain transplant. Avery is 33 months old and isn’t talking. She has underlying genetic issues that are likely the cause, but we also know she has fluid in her ears. A whole lot of gunky fluid.

What is “Glue Ear?”

She failed hearing test after hearing test. They finally put a number on it – 40% hearing loss which is like listening while pressing both hands tightly against your ears. We decided to go ahead with the ear tube insertion. It would help Avery hear and hopefully speak clearly. We hesitated only because her genetic condition also includes cardiac issues which can make anaesthesia more risky.

We arrived at the hospital at 7 am and took a seat in the surgical waiting area with the other gowned patients. Everyone wore the same expression of exhaustion, fear and nervous anxiety. I tried not to touch anything and probably used the community hand-sanitizer more often than would be considered NOT INSANE.

While we went through the pre-surgery protocol, I kissed Avery’s little blond head a hundred times. We sat and watched the doctors and nurses taking care of patients around us. It didn’t resemble Grey’s Anatomy to me at all. No turmoil. No romance. What a rip off. The only drama was Avery announcing that she “needed to do a really big pooh” just as the nurse came to take her into the OR. I’m glad SHE was relaxed enough to let loose. And where was Dr. McDreamy anyway? Sure, the anaesthetist was cute, but young. I think he was 12. Dr. McDougieHowser.

The surgery was quick and problem free and I only threw up in my mouth once after smelling a “sick” odour. I’m not good with mysterious hospital smells. The day couldn’t have gone better. Avery is recovering well and is already showing signs that she can hear us more clearly. She’s whipping her head around, laughing and exclaiming, “Wow!!” in response to things we say. Doesn’t get much clearer than that.


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  • Hey Lis,

    Loved reading the blog entry. I’m SO glad everything went well and that Avery is reacting more to sounds – such amazing news!

    PS – Way to go on the Polka Dot Grove stuff. You are such an incredible mama!!!

    Love Jess

  • So glad to hear that everything went well. I saw on facebook that she was having surgery, but I didn’t know what for. I hope it works for her!

  • I am new to your blog, and found you on Twitter from Kelli Catana’s follow friday. What an amazing post – I can’t believe you and your daughter had to go through all this. You are clearly a strong individual . . . although I can see a very fun one from your photo below 🙂

    So glad I stumbled on your blog. I hope all is going well with little Avery.

  • Hey, just found your blog… I’m so glad to hear your daugther’s surgery went so well! It must be so great for you all to see that she is hearing better. It’s always hard seeing them in the hospital – my son had surgery a few months ago for pneumonia – they had to insert a chest tube to drain fluid from his lung – and that was a nightmare I’ll never get over, even though he is okay now… anyway, just wanted to say hello… I’m a fellow mommy blogger from Ottawa, Canada.

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