Portrait of The Perfect Mother?


This photo doesn’t exactly evoke an image of the serene, responsible mother I usually am. But, sometimes you just gotta kick up your heels and shout, “Yee-haw!” Right?

About 97% of my time is devoted entirely to my children. I try not to work unless my children are at school, sleeping or involved in another activity. I feel guilty doing tasks when I should be giving my attention to my kids. I said attention, not “full” attention—I’m not crazy! I can multi-task with the best of them; play Star Wars, while changing over the laundry, while posting a tweet and planning dinner in my head. Realistically, that’s the only way to stay on top of things.

Running a household and raising children is a good gig. But if it I didn’t have another outlet besides home and work, I’d go loopy. The thing that fuels me is simply and anyone can partake. It’s…being a dork. Yup. A big stupid idiot. A gigantic buffoon. It’s my greatest stress reliever.

Being silly and laughing with good friends reminds me that life is fun. I don’t sleep in my “Life is good” t-shirt for nothing. Chicks with Chips Night, Witches Coven Games Night (aptly named for a story involving daiquiris and a lot of cackling), dressing up in our Friday night jeans and heading out to watch a band play at a pub or a ridiculous costume themed after the movie we’re seeing at the theatre. Whatever the activity, the key is doing these things with your best girlfriends who aren’t afraid to act like a pack of weirdos on parade. Sometimes you just need to laugh until margaritas come out your nose. And even if my son rolls his eyes and tells me I’m nuts when his aunties come over, I know deep down he thinks I’m a fun mum who loves life. Either that, or he’ll grow up and require extensive therapy. Fingers crossed…

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