Apparently I’m A Dinosaur…

Call me a wet blanket, but I’m not a fan Hallmark holidays. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… I can’t help but think they make those who are missing special people in their lives, feel left out.

I don’t make a big deal of these holidays, but when you have children who want to celebrate Mother’s Day by making you feel special, how can you say no?

Avery was over-the-moon excited to show me the present she made for me at school.

She wasn’t exactly sure what “Mother’s Day” was and she *may* have wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ several times over the weekend. But when she presented me with the candle she made at school she couldn’t have been more proud and I knew this gift came straight from her little heart. 

The girl really does light up my life in so many ways…

And my son, my sweet creative kid blew me away. Last year for my mom’s birthday, he and I wrote something for her — a mock animal project based on the elusive “Anne” grandma. This Anne-imal project was so much fun to work on together. Clearly he enjoyed it and remembered what to do since he replicated the format for me. The kid has my number.

This is the project he did about me, for me, this Mother’s Day. 

{And yes, I AM being compared to a dinosaur.}



Happy Mother’s Day to all the fierce and fabulous mothers in my life! xo 

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