Merry Awkward Christmas!

I trust you’re familiar with this hilarious site–Awkward Family Photos?

One of my fave shots is this family up a tree. You’ve heard the expression “riding pine” but c’mon, are you kidding? That poor kid in the front was surely the victim of some school yard teasing after his buddies “logged” onto the internet.

So, I was feeling all smug about my completely non-awkward family photo collection until I came across this ridiculous post (from an old family blog) and suspect these pictures might be “awkward family photo” material?

December 2006–this was originally going to be our first annual “Family Holiday Card” until we came to our senses. This was even too nerdy for us, and we’re pretty darn nerdy. Plus hubby threatened that if I showed these pictures to ANYONE he’d snap! Apparently he wasn’t taken with my idea of an annual family card with us dressed in over-the-top tacky costumes adorned with Christmas ornaments.


1. The baby is indeed wearing a dog sweater purchased from the Dollar Store. It seems they don’t make ugly infant sized Christmas sweaters.

2. I can’t even believe I got my jock of a husband to wear tights! I’m pretty sure he wanted to strangle me with his bell necklace. His pained facial expression still make me jolly.

3. I had to crop said tights out of the photo before I posted this. I’d like to stay married.


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  • I’m not sure which is more funny – the website, which I had never seen and am now enjoying over my morning coffee – or the fact that you willingly posted those Elf shots of yourself and your family.

    Priceless. 🙂 You guys do green and red so well!!

  • Ah, you all look so cute. I’m going to send an email to your husband right now telling him that. Saying thank you for sharing such precious memories with the whole world. 🙂

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