My Movember


Every Movember dudes around the globe grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. My hairy husband participates. Last Movember he grew a handlebar stache which I found particularly annoying. Even though I desperately wanted to shave it off in his sleep, my respect and admiration for this great cause kept the razor at bay…until December 1st.

This year I am participating in my own kind of Movember in support of, me. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not being selfish. There’s no ish. This is all about self— self preservation.
Every Christmas the bleak weather, the hectic holidays, the stupid sucky stress; it all takes a toll and I become this pathetic, flimsy sack — I am the packaging that the mint condition Lisa originally came in now tossed aside, wrinkled and useless. Not this year.
I plan to properly prepare and fuel my body and soul in preparation of the dreary winter ahead. 
This Movember I will support and cultivate my husband’s lip garden, while also seeking to claim mo for myself…
mo-down time
mo-meditation and purposeful relaxation
mo-saying no 
mo-healthy eating (including those vitamins and supplements I never remember to take) 
After months years of neglect, my body is now revolting. I mean that both ways — my immune system is giving me the finger and my appearance — my skin, hair and nails have given up on me. 
We know that taking care of ourselves is in no way selfish. In fact, it’s selfless. My family needs me. The REAL me. Not that empty Lisa sack with the circles under her eyes and attention span of a two year old. 
By all means, grow a mustache and support our guys. But, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. If you really can grow a good, thick mustache, perhaps a visit to your doctor is in order to check out those hormones, followed by some pampering (ahem waxing) at the spa? Related: Mo Walk the Talk 


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