I love Halloween. It’s my favourite holiday…until of course, the next big holiday comes along. Then I’ll be all, “Christmas is my favourite holiday!” I’m a swept-up-in-the-moment kinda gal. Anyway, the Halloween moment is fading fast, but before the last spooky, shadows have receded back into the night (aka the big plastic Rubbermaid bins in my basement), here a few happy Halloween moments from the haunted house of Thornbury… *insert chainsaw buzzing and shrill screaming here*

THIS is what happens when pumpkin carving
occurs on daddy’s shift. I can’t complain – there were no severed digits
and my husband (my own butch Martha Stewart) Googled a roasted pumpkin seed
recipe and baked up a batch with the kids. How cute does Avery look with a
pumpkin on her head? Downright gourd-geous! haha

Justin ZomBieber and Chicken Little Big Mouth (Avery carried that plastic egg with
her all day and night. “Cracked” us up. Ironically, we had chicken
fingers for dinner before trick-or-treating.

Aw, that’s one happy chicken and one cross-eyed Zombieber. Avery was sick the last two years and wasn’t able to go trick-or-treating. This year they both went out, together. The Zombie groaned, “Trick-or-treat” while Avery offered an enthusiastic, “Boc boc” at every door. It was a lovely night until…the Zombie ate his sister. The horror. I guess I shouldn’t have wet the Zombie’s appetite with those tender chicken fingers. My bad. Oh well, more chocolate for me. 

I have to hand it to the kids, the jack-o-lantern looked great. I took the kids out around the neighbourhood (that’s me on the right…be honest, am I looking a little old?). I like being the parent who takes the kids out. I get to be all nosey and check out inside other people’s houses. Besides, it makes sense for my howling hubby to stay home to hand out treats…

…I am married to Mr. Halloweiner. He dresses in costume, plays a slideshow of spooky images on his computer, while blaring creepy music. He hides on the porch and scares people with severed limbs and sudden shrieking movements. It’s hauntingly hilarious. He said next year he’s “going all out.” I’m kind of afraid to even ask what that means…

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