Get ’em While They’re Hot

While many families spent today’s sticky 33 degree day in the cool of a pool, I took my kids shopping for Halloween costumes; stifling, zip up to the chin, plush get-ups. In my defense, we DID go swimming first. But on the way home, we passed a Once Upon A Child gently used clothing store. We popped in to look for a rain coat to match Avery’s new back-to-school rain boots. I didn’t find a rain coat, but instead discovered a treasure trove of Halloween costumes. 

Admittedly, I’m a closet snob when it comes to my…closet. The same holds true for
my children’s clothes. GAP and Gymboree have me by the Coach Wristlet. Second hand stores have proven to be my saving grace during recent budget constraints. People sell their stuff; GOOD
stuff and for a fraction of the cost. I have yet to purchase school supplies, but I can happily tick “costumes” off my fall to-do list. 

Visit a consignment store near you and grab your costumes now! The selection is unbeatable and the price is right. I got two full costumes today for under $20 (and laughed my ass off during the air conditioned fashion show)!

                   My little actor flexing his muscles and                       channeling his inner zombie

Avery in a costume that was clearly made for her (note the over-acting in the background).

The dragon was cute but, oh my god, the chicken. I nearly laid an egg laughing.           

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