When Your Kid With Special Needs Is A Rock Star!

My friend Kathy Buckworth invited our daughter to participate in a live-to-air segment she was hosting for a local morning show—CHCH Morning Live. At the risk of sounding like a proud stage mother, Avery (and Kathy!) nailed it.

I hesitated at first when Kathy asked us to take part. The show is LIVE and in accordance to the old adage, “Never work with kids or animals!” I was aware that this Hallowe’en centered segment could go sideways at the drop of a (witch’s) hat.

But, I knew my girl would love it. To be in the spotlight and to feel important, if only for 120 seconds, how could I deny her that?

Avery is often overlooked for cool experiences on the assumption that kids with special needs can’t perform or participate safely or cope with the situation at hand.

I get it. I do.

However parents who don’t have the pleasure of parenting a child with special needs don’t understand how capable kids can actually be if given the chance.

  • A playdate at your house? We can make it happen! She dreams about it.
  • Roller skating party? My girl would love it! Maybe she can’t skate with grace, but I’d be there to help her.
  • Gymnastics? This makes her heart sing. She may be designated to the younger class, but Avery can tumble for ya with a smile and I’ll be close by to make sure she’s safe.

KiDS ARE SO MUCH  MORE THAN THEIR LABELS. They all shine in their own way. It’s just that not everyone can see that, yet.

But I digress….

Thank you K.B. for thinking of Avery. This made her (ahem, and her teary mama’s) day.

Here’s Avery’s television debut! (Who do I talk to to get this kid an agent?)

*Yes, she does grab handfuls of candy. But, what you don’t know is that she is not a greedy little sugar seeker. She was grabbing enough to take home to her big brother—she felt sad that her best friend missed all “dis fun stuff.”

** Avery loves her costume SO much that she plans to wear it to a very special Hallowe’en party Friday night.

*** Kathy makes being on live T.V. look easy. It’s so not. If I had the link to my CHCH Morning Live segment from when I was on the show, you’d see how awkward it can be…..#deerinheadlights

For tips on how to do Hallowe’en on a budget this year, watch the full CHCH Morning Live broadcast here. 

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