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When Your Kid With Special Needs Is A Rock Star!

When Your Kid With Special Needs Is A Rock Star!

My friend Kathy Buckworth invited our daughter to participate in a live-to-air segment she was hosting for a local morning show—CHCH Morning Live. At the risk of sounding like a proud stage mother, Avery (and Kathy!) nailed it. I hesitated at first when Kathy asked us to take part. The show is LIVE and in accordance to the old adage, “Never work with kids or animals!” I was aware that this Hallowe’en centered segment could go sideways at the drop of a (witch’s) hat. But, I knew my girl would love it. To be in the spotlight and to feel important, if only for 120 seconds, how could I deny her that? Avery is often overlooked for cool experiences on the assumption that kids with special needs can’t perform or participate safely or cope with the situation at hand. I get it. I do. However parents who don’t have the pleasure of parenting a child with special needs don’t understand how capable kids can actually be if given the chance. A playdate at your house? We can make it happen! She dreams about it. Roller skating party? My girl would love it! Maybe she can’t skate with grace, but I’d[…]

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