My god I’m a useless sack of skin when I’ve had no sleep. Honestly. My brain don’t work so good.

If I were smart, which I’m not, I’d go to bed instead of writing this. The thing is, I’m on “full alert” right now. Avery had two small seizures on Saturday and since she has a cold and is feeling unwell, I’m afraid that a “big one” is brewing. So I watch, with toothpicks propping open my lids.

Last night, after going to bed at a sensible 12 am (see, told you I was dumb) Avery woke up at 2:45 am. And not just roused, but was UP and ready to rock, going full tilt until nearly 5 am. Being woken from sleep and forced to stay awake when your body is begging for rest is nothing short of torture.

So today was a hazy blur. I went through the motions and managed to run some errands, get groceries and make new recipe for dinner. All pretty impressive considering my eyes were shut the entire time.

When DS asked what was for dessert, I responded “Listen. Give me a minute. I’m doing my best okay?” To which he replied honestly and innocently, “This isn’t your best. Usually you’re way better.”

He’s right. Usually I’m waaaaaay better. And my eyes aren’t nearly this red and puffy.



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  • Even on your sleepiest of days, I expect you are still amazing. Hoping Avery's cold will pass with nothing more to note and sleep is in the future. Thinking of you.

    p.s. — love the blog layout but I also love arriving and finding something new each time…stripes, polka-dots, a little sky blue!

  • New look of your blog – nice! And, um – you were that sleep deprived and you tried a new recipe? You didn't order pizza? LADY! That is wrong! I think you're great, a wonderful mom, and I, like you, never go to be dearly. Midnight is the earliest I go to bed, sadly. I'm an idiot. No wonder I'm so freaking tired all the time. Take care, hope things are okay with your precious little girl. xo

  • Rheanne, I laughed out loud when I read your comment. I can only imagine how completely nuts my obsessive template changes must look. I am out of control over here!:)

    Loukia, I know. WHY oh WHY do we stay up so late only to suffer the next day? Oh, I know. Because we're foolish, yet time challenged. Not enough hours in a day.

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