I talk incessantly about being tired, but I can’t help it. This girl child is killing me over here with her 2 AM-5 AM “Night-Owl parties.”

At least being over-tired gives me an excuse for being such a giant loser.I’ve lost so many things in the past few weeks, I’m literally at a loss.

I have misplaced/or lost forever…never to be seen again:

…my cell phone (like, a lot)
…a wallet where I keep gift cards (later found in a purse side pocket)
…our video camera
 …my favourite wooden bracelet
 …the beautiful necklace my friend gave me for my 40th (all found behind the dresser in my closet)
…my drivers licence (never recovered…had to get a new one)
…the t.v. remote for three days (found under the couch. I swear I looked there. Several times)
…every damn hair elastic I own. Where do they go? Furthermore, where are all of my bobby pins?
…a cheque made out to me (found in the kitchen catch-all drawer)
…the charger adapter for my new iphone (found under my bed…no clue how it got there)
…a brand new, never opened pack of iPhone screen covers (I suspect it went out with the recycling)
…a RMT receipt I needed to submit for insurance (found, but AFTER I made them mail me a new one)
…my bank card (whereabouts still unknown)

So many hours wasted in search of these MIA items and lost time spent retracing my steps, looking for clues. I’m like some puffy eyed detective reject stumbling around cursing. It’s sad. I need to get some sleep and stop being such a loser before I lose…my mind.


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  • Hey, I just wanted you to know that although you slipped my mind yesterday when I originally posted about it…. I have chosen you as one of the bloggers to pass on my Honest Scrap Award to. So, consider yourself a WINNER!

  • Hey Lisa, LOVE the new website and name!
    You are NOT a loser, we all misplace common household objects! I found my sunglasses behind the bar fridge….missing for 3 months….Most recently though was the bottom sheet to our KING size bed. Seriously, I've heard of socks not returning from the dryer but a KING SIZE SHEET! Come on….next I'll lose the kids or my car or something.

  • I somehow suspect that misplacing things is directly related to our age now and not as much how much sleep we get. I misplace and forget things on a daily basis now, and it seems to happen even on the days after I've had eight hours of sleep 😉

    Hope you find that bank card, I lost mine last month and it drove me crazy. Left it in the drive through bank machine . . .

  • We are kindred loser spirits!! I have more stuff since I went back to work than I care to recount.

    I can't believe I missed the blog change. Seriously, I've only missed two posts right?!

  • Aww you're not a loser!! I hope you find your stuff…or that it stops hiding from you!
    I've lost things daily since my first born in 1997….Most missed is my sanity!!

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