The 12 Days of Easter—The Hunt Starts Now!

Any chance to party and my family is on it like confetti on a wet floor. Christmas is at least a month long celebration at our house, so it only makes sense that Easter should last for more than just one day. THIS is why we celebrate the 12 Days of Easter.

How does it work eggs-actly? Watch this short video for details and eggs-amples to inspire you to get the hunt started early!

Giant bunnies, fluffy chicks, chocolate? This kind of fun needs to last for more than just one day. I’ve done the planning for you! Adjust the activities to suit your family’s interests and adapt the clues to your specific hunting ground. Then just sit back and accept your family’s enduring admiration for making this Easter especially fun.

Day 1—Leave out a letter from the Easter Bunny for your kids! It could say something like…

“Dear Children,

I’m so hoppy that Easter is near. It’s so much fun, I think we should get the party started early. What do you say? Are you ready for The 12 Days of Easter? Every day until the big Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, I will leave you a clue. Solve it, and you will find something to put you in the Easter mood. The hunt starts now!

E. Bunny”

Day 2—This clue will lead to Easter Décor you can use to decorate the house.
Clue: Easter’s coming. Let’s celebrate. Look for the box marked, “Decorate!”

Day 3—This clue will lead to some funny Easter jokes. Could be a joke/riddle book or a page of Easter jokes printed from the internet.
Clue: Know who’s funny? The Easter Bunny! Look in the fridge, beside the yolks, to find some cool Easter jokes. (Of course they’re cool. They’re in the fridge!)

Day 4—The clue will lead to the recipe and ingredients for a dessert (e.g. Creme Egg Milkshakes) you can all make and enjoy together.  Recipe Link
Clue: Yummy yummy in your tummy, today you’re making something with mummy. Go to the place when we make the toast. There you’ll find ingredients you love the most!

Day 5—Hide the supplies for an Easter craft. Could be as simple as a colouring sheet and crayons. Pinterest is overflowing with creative Easter craft ideas!
Clue: Go upstairs to the room that is drafty and look for the things that will help us get crafty!

Day 6—Today’s clue will lead to the link for an online Easter game. Google “Easter Games” and all kinds of options will come up.
Clue: Get your game on. In a drawer, near the sink. This is where you’ll find the link.

Day 7—Solve today’s clue to locate new Easter Bonnets. Doesn’t have to be an actual bonnet of course. Who wears bonnets anymore anyway?
Clue: Get up, get on it. No need to write a sonnet. Look under the couch for your new Easter Bonnet. (Yes, this clue is lame. Nothing else rhymes with bonnet!)

Day 8—Today’s clue will lead to something egg-citing and sweet! (Mini-eggs to bring to school for a special treat.)
Clue: You are sweet and so are these. Look behind the Kleenex box you use when you sneeze.

Day 9—Find and print an Easter maze or word search.
Clue: This clue is not hard. It’s really quite easy. Look near the machine that makes the air breezy.

Day 10—Print a recipe and get the ingredients to make Mini Egg Cupcakes. Recipe Link
Clue: Pat a cake, pat a cake baker’s man. Look not at the pots, but into a pan.

Day 11—Buy a carton of eggs and an egg dying kit—whichever kind you prefer.
Clue: Fee fi fo fum, where oh where is that little drum? When find you find it, and you will, look upon the window sill.

Day 12—It’s Easter Sunday so…let the egg hunt begin!

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