Disney Surprise Scavenger Hunt (video and clues)


We finally did it. We decided. We’re going to Disney World!! We booked it! The most fun was deciding how to spring the news to our kids!

Step-by-step Disney for Newbies planning post here.

A scavenger hunt with the final clue as the big reveal would be our tactic. Twenty clues hidden around the house with various props and off we went. 

The video of how it went is next, but before you watch, let me say… Wow, that sure didn’t go the way I had imagined.

Our nine year old was not thrilled about me taping the scavenger hunt. He told me afterwards that he felt self-conscious which is painfully evident when you see his reaction.You’d think we’d told we were going on a trip to the dry cleaners. * yawn * 

He said he knew I’d show the video to “the world” {Um kid, I think you’re grossly overestimating your mother’s blog reach} so he didn’t want to over-act and chose to play it cool.

Oh dear, it looks like we’ve reached “that stage” where his life is now his and not his mother’s to parade around on the internet. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Plus, I still have the other kid. 😉 

With my sweet son’s permission, I’m allowed to show this small portion of the scavenger hunt. The written clues in full, are below.

P.S. After I turned off the ipad, our Mickey lovin’ son freaked out! And of course, I cried like a big baby.  



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