Mermaids, Ferris Wheels and a Broken Elevator

family rides hollywood tower of terror

Last fall the Thornburys went to Disney. When we asked the kids which of all the rides was their favourite, they unanimously agreed…

….The Hollywood Tower at MGM Studios.

If you think our six year old would be terrified and far too little for such a ride, think again. She was the ring leader.

When we rode the rickety elevator for the first time, we did it together as a family. When the ride came to a stop, and the shrill screams of the riders (my husband included) subsided, it went silent. And then a tiny voice cried out, “AGAIN!!!”

My husband’s response to our daughter’s passionate plea was, “Never. Again. You three go. I’ll wait over there
on that bench.”

And so we did. Several times. I love that my kids are fearless. They obviously get that from me and not their wienie dad. Just kidding honey, I’m sure the buffet lunch had something to do with your queasy reluctance.

So when Fisher-Price sent us our latest toys to test, Avery instantly associated the Little People Wheelies Roller Coaster with the ones she’d ridden at Disney. Let’s just say there were a whole lotta “weeeeeeeeeees” coming from the playroom that day.

fisher-price roller coaster

This child now has a thirst for theme park thrills. Just ask the poor Little People dude being cranked around the ferris wheel at break neck speeds.

Prior to visiting Disney, my televisonless daughter’s only experience with the Little Mermaid was from getting “mermaided” (what we call it when you accidentally put both legs in one pant leg). Now instead of referring to Ariel as, “that fish girl” she calls her by name. And, she thinks it’s a riot that the crab who rides in front of Ariel’s Coach has the same name as her brother.  Mind you, HE doesn’t think it’s funny when we tease him about it. Jeez, no need to get crabby son. Haha!

I’m tempted to comment here about how I’m in the market for a new bikini and that I’m suddenly craving sushi, but alas, this post isn’t about me. It’s about imagination and how kids learn through experience. Amusement parks — both real and pretend — a mermaid, a dollhouse, a golf ball (don’t ask…something to do with a giant pearl that can roll really fast down a roller coaster ramp) all add up to learning, cleverly disguised as joy.

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador program
with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my
affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. 


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