Dove Spa – If My Skin Could Talk

You said it Sophia! Beauty is indeed skin deep. However, if your exterior happens to look good too, so be it.
I haven’t been taking the best care of my interior or exterior lately. My recent attempt at a “My Movember Make-Over” was a flop. I’m not making excuses but…*insert a myriad of trumped up excuses here.*
So now it’s “Do-Over December.” I’ve been adhering to a strict-ish 10:30 PM bedtime policy. I’ve also been drinking more water. And egg nog. But mostly, water. 
I figure these two endeavors alone must be whipping my insides back into shape, somewhat? But what about my outsides?  My skin is dull and crying out for attention.  I could buff out a rusted Chevy with my elbows and don’t get me started on my feet. I have heels of toast.


Taking care of yourself is neither frivolous nor selfish. We all know a happy mom equals a happy home. If we’re energized, the household buzzes right along with us. 
Dove Spa’s philosophy is…
Make women feel
more beautiful every day by inspiring them to take great care of themselves
That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.
The “models” in their ads are real customers; natural and never airbrushed. During my treatment I planned to ask my esthetician Bev to take a photo of me to include in this post, but I was so relaxed, I forgot.  I probably would’ve airbrushed it anyway!
When Dove Spa asked if I’d like to try a complementary facial, I was thrilled. Perfect timing.  I visited the Dove Spa in Oakville; the very first Dove Spa location in North America. {There are now four locations in the GTA.}
Before my treatment I had a free 15 minute skin analysis or “Skin Talk” to diagnose my skin type and condition. A multi-dermascope measures for oil, water, elasticity and
pigmentation levels in your skin. Your results help determine a treatment plan and select appropriate products to suit your individual skin type.
My analysis revealed an oily t-zone which apparently is a good thing? I scored low on “elasticity,” but Bev said this can be improved. Step one – stop sleeping on my face.  
She gave me a print out of the results, along with a list of products that suit my skin’s particular needs. 
FYI, if I could time travel, I’d go back and tell my 16 year old self to slap some SPF on her face, backs of the hands and neck — the first places women show signs of aging. I now understand why Candace Bergman wore scarves in the later Murphy Brown episodes. Neck crepe-ing is cruel. 
Bev and I discussed…[gross word spoiler alert]….pimples. When I was a fresh faced twenty-something teacher, I was footloose and pimple/wrinkle free. Across the staff lunch table one day, sat an “older” teacher. She must have been in her forties. Gasp. I couldn’t help but notice {and stare at} the behemoth zit on her chin. It was big and it was ripe. She caught me looking at it and said, “What? That? I know. I can’t pop it. You’re never supposed to pop them.” I didn’t eat much of my lunch after that. 
Bev agreed. You really shouldn’t pop or pick. However, walking around with a giant whitehead is not an option. If you MUST express, wrap your fingers in tissue, squeeze gently and wash the area immediately after to prevent infection.
The skin care experts at Dove Spa are indeed EXPERTS. I learned so much and can’t help but wonder how good looking I actually could’ve been over the years, if only I’d followed these tips:
  • There’s no need to wash my face in the morning. Cleanse well at night and in the AM, just rinse with warm water. It turns out I’ve been over-cleansing and drying out my skin. 
  • A tiny dab of skin serum before my moisturizer makes my moisturizer and foundation go a lot further.
  • Exfoliate! 2-3 times per week. There is beautiful, radiant skin hiding under layers of dead skin cells.
  • Don’t neglect the neck {Neckglect = a lot of scarves in your future}. Everything you do to your face, do to your neck and décolletage. 
Visit to learn more about their products, services and promotions. 

Disclosure – My spa experience was courtesy of Dove spa. I received some products to try at home {which I will not share with my family. what?}. I was also compensated for my time. All opinions {and enthusiasm} are my own. 


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