Hot For Teacher

*Disclaimer: This post is me making nice for calling my husband “Susan” in a recent blog post

I married a teacher and I highly recommend it. Teachers love kids, they’re silly and creative, and best of all they’re home all summer! Though by August 31st I’m pretty much ready for him to pack his school bag and hit the road.

Ten reasons I’m lucky to have him
With hashtags. #justbecause

1. He’s always the first to apologize. Even if he didn’t do anything wrong. #peacekeeper

2. I don’t have to remind him that I don’t like bok choy. He just knows. #expertchinesefoodorderer

3. My mom told me that you can tell everything you need to know about a man by his eyes. If they’re cold, he’s cold. If they’re kind, he’s kind. If they’re crossed, well, he’s probably being goofy and that’s a good thing. #babysgotblueeyes

4. Even though it’s kind of emasculating he’ll walk the chihuahua if I ask him to. #mychiguy

5. He’d rather stay home with his family than go out on the town. #homebodyhardbody

6. He’s allergic to whining, gossip and cattiness. #Imarriedagrownup

7. He laughs at my jokes. #noaccountingfortaste

8. He makes the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted. #eggeggcellence

9. He’s all about the looking for the positive. #heishtepostiveYINGtomynegativeYANG

10. Have you seen his legs? #Immalegwoman #hesgotlegsheknowshowtousethem #zztop

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