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Are you a glass half-empty or a glass half-full kind of person? My glass virtually spills over in the stellar family and friend department. Professional opportunities are plentiful and generally I want for nothing. Life is pretty damn good.

So how pessimism, fear and negativity have crept into my thoughts is beyond me.

I’ve been told that the trauma associated with parenting a child with medical issues takes a toll.

I’ve also heard that switching from working outside the home, to working in the more solitary environment of home can change ones mindset.

I also know that living more online can influence your perspective.

Whatever the reason, I’ve noticed a few more glass half-empty days lately. And I don’t like it one bit. This chick likes her glass filled right up to the brim thank you very much. *clink*

Maybe I’m one of those needies who craves drama? Perhaps I even create it for my own personal amusement. Didn’t Oprah do a show on that very topic?

My nickname is “Fun Thornbury” for heaven’s sake but I haven’t exactly been living up to my name. I’ve decided that ziplining and hiking with the kids and Games Night and simple days spent with friends and family are enough amusement for this gal and it’s time to listen to and learn from an expert. I’m already a happy follower of The Happiness Project and now I’m even happier after discovering Ann Vertel. She’s a Success Psychologist / Entrepreneur Mindset Expert. “What the huh?”

It’s okay. I’d never of heard of it either, but Ann seems sensible, knowledgeable and best of all, straight to the point. Since time management is one of my plaguing issues, her brevity is greatly appreciated. I recently began her FREE 7 day video course: Take Back Your Life and feel it has value. If anything, it reinforces ideas I already knew, but have clearly forgotten.

FYI — This is not a paid promotion of somebody’s book or website. It’s a resource that I find to be useful, so I thought I’d share. 

Self growth people. Apparently it’s not that difficult if you’re open to it.

Whether this reflection teaches me to become be a stronger, happier and more focused person remains to be seen. I figure either way, just being aware means I’m on my way to be awesomer. 😉

Here’s an example of one of Ann’s recent articles… 

How to be More Positive 

Did you know that over 80% of the conversation you hear around you is negative? It either tears someone or something down or is centered on the past – neither of which are productive. Examples:

  •     complaining
  •     whining
  •     traffic
  •     illness
  •     weather
  •     the “news”
  •     gossip
  •     sarcasm
  •     one-ups-manship
  •     self-deprecation
  •     things you can’t change.

Most people don’t talk about the past in order to learn from it, they just rehash it for the sake of easy conversation.

Unless you are talking about the past in order to learn from it, it is entirely unproductive. And when you have goals as big and audacious as the goals you have, you do not have time to be unproductive.

Negative talk also means tearing something or someone down. It can be overt or insidious.

Sarcasm, which on the surface appears to be humorous, is negative because it builds you up by tearing someone or something down. Self deprecation doesn’t build anyone up, it simply tears you down. One-upsmanship is based on negative competition – if someone wins it means someone else loses.

Negative language is habitual. Most negative people don’t even realize they use it and would tell you they are the most positive people they know. And yet, their language is full of negativity.

Being positive doesn’t mean happy, happy, joy, joy. It means using authentic language that focuses on the ideal future.

Being positive means you dwell in possibility, strategy, vision, goals, and “why not?”

Being positive means you give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Being positive means you always take the high ground.

Being positive means you expect to be delighted.

By its very nature then, being positive is productive. And isn’t being productive what will get you to the top?

Listen to the conversations you hear around you – the language you hear in the check-out line, at parties, or dropping your child off at school. Most of what you hear will be negative (unproductive).

As you begin to notice it, you may start to feel lonely. (This is a good sign!) It means you have become aware of the difference in language.

Counter negative talk with something positive (and watch how others resist that!)

Then surround yourself with positive, forward thinking people. People that think the best – about you, about your business, about anything. If you want to grow and thrive, you must absolutely insist upon it!

Be bold!
– Ann

Dr. Ann Vertel is a success psychologist and entrepreneur mindset expert who speaks, writes, and trains on how to win the inner game of entrepreneurial success. She is the creator of The Millionaire Mindset Method, a proven step-by-step program to shatter your money limits so you can earn what you are worth. To get your own copy of her success mindset articles visit http://AnnVertel.com


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