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Positively Positive…mostly

Positively Positive…mostly

  Are you a glass half-empty or a glass half-full kind of person? My glass virtually spills over in the stellar family and friend department. Professional opportunities are plentiful and generally I want for nothing. Life is pretty damn good. So how pessimism, fear and negativity have crept into my thoughts is beyond me. I’ve been told that the trauma associated with parenting a child with medical issues takes a toll. I’ve also heard that switching from working outside the home, to working in the more solitary environment of home can change ones mindset. I also know that living more online can influence your perspective. Whatever the reason, I’ve noticed a few more glass half-empty days lately. And I don’t like it one bit. This chick likes her glass filled right up to the brim thank you very much. *clink* Maybe I’m one of those needies who craves drama? Perhaps I even create it for my own personal amusement. Didn’t Oprah do a show on that very topic? My nickname is “Fun Thornbury” for heaven’s sake but I haven’t exactly been living up to my name. I’ve decided that ziplining and hiking with the kids and Games Night and simple[…]

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