A friend reminded me today that trying to overcome depression of any kind, seasonal or otherwise by “reasoning your way out” is as futile as willing away cancer or trying to trick yourself out of the flu. It’s not possible. It needs to be dealt with. She’s a wise old broad. Fine, she’s 11 months younger than me, if we’re getting all technical, but she’s right.

Thankfully, I have lots of support.  Great friends, a loving family, an amazing husband, and a comfy chair by a sunny window.  Today as I sat by the window, bathing in luminous Vitamin D, I explored the web, and only allowed myself to read POSITIVE content. Maybe you can’t trick yourself into a happier disposition, but by avoiding negativity and embracing the positive, you might end up with a sunnier outlook. Man, once I fire up my new light therapy box, I’m going to make Mary Poppins look sullen and downright pessimistic. LOL!

Anyway, I stumbled upon a lovely blog called Demanding Joy.  Not to be confused with my friend Joy, who’s not the least bit demanding, this blog is about “claiming the happy moments“.  Meg, the author believes, “By focusing our attention and gratitude on the things that nurture us and bring joy, we can snag as many bits of happiness as we can possibly cram into our lives.”  Clearly Meg has the right attitude (and a healthy supply of Vitamin D).

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, sad or just plain bitchy, I going to take stock of all the good things in my life by writing one of Meg’s 50 Lists To Write To Lift Your Spirits.

Perhaps I’ll post a completed list or two on this blog and maybe you’ll share a favourite list of yours?

Lists for the Listless…but soon to be joyful.

  1. People who have influenced or inspired you
  2. Things you are grateful for
  3. Places you have been
  4. Places you want to go
  5. Books you’ve read
  6. Your favorite things – what brings you joy?
  7. Good things that happened this week
  8. The best things that happened in the last year
  9. The best days of your life.
  10. The songs for the soundtrack of your life
  11. Acts of kindness you’ve committed
  12. Things you want your children to know about you
  13. Reasons why you love your significant other
  14. The high points for your autobiography
  15. People who love you
  16. The cutest things your kids ever said
  17. Everything you would do if money were no object
  18. Favorite gifts you’ve ever received
  19. Favorite gifts you’ve ever given
  20. Occupations that you have ever wanted to have (including when you were a child)
  21. The best advice you’ve gotten.
  22. The worst advice you’ve gotten.
  23. Things you’re procrastinating
  24. Ways you calm yourself down when you’re angry.
  25. The best ideas you’ve ever had
  26. The best projects or organizations you’ve ever been involved with
  27. The ways you have grown since your early 20’s
  28. The most beautiful things you’ve ever seen
  29. The greatest lessons you have learned
  30. Life’s lessons that you learned the hard way
  31. Things that have mad you laugh until you cried.
  32. Qualities you most admire in others
  33. Qualities others most admire in you
  34. The elements of an ideal year
  35. All the compliments you’ve ever gotten
  36. Foods that you have eaten that are so good that others could hear you enjoying them
  37. The times you have asserted yourself
  38. Things that inspire and energize you
  39. The places where you feel completely comfortable to be yourself
  40. The most important turning points in your life
  41. Times when you looked and felt your absolute best
  42. The things you’re good at
  43. What you would do with the power of invisibility
  44. Things you want to teach your children
  45. Things you still want to do in life
  46. Bits of trivia that most people don’t know about you
  47. The things you love about your body
  48. Accomplishments you are most proud of
  49. The things you love about your home
  50. Who (living or dead) you would invite to your dream dinner party

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