I’m Not A Drama Mama

You’d think a forty-two year old wife, mother of two, loyal friend and over-all wise (some days) woman would have it all figured out by now. Apparently not. 

Which path to take?

One that is familiar, but littered with the heavy expectations of others?

Or another path, perhaps parallel or possibly divergent.

It’s hard to know which way to go, but acknowledging that a new course is necessary is a damn good step.

Don’t you just hate these cryptic posts?  You’re like, “What the hell is she going on about now?” 

All the whiny sh*t people write, dancing around the issue, but never saying what they mean. It’s annoying. Just come out and state your dilemma!

But what if they can’t?

What if they aren’t sure how to go about it all. What if they are holding back in order to spare feelings? What if they... okay fine, I’m talking about me here.

I’m not one to air my dirty laundry. Perhaps a lightly soiled garment, but never a muddy mess.

And so I pause and reflect.

Aaaaaaaand, reflection done. It’s time to make a few changes. 

Tasks left unfinished, strained relationships left unresolved, commitments left unattended-to, promises left unfulfilled, drama and self-doubt — these are the things weighing me down like rocks in my pocket. It’s time to lighten the load so I can continue down my happy road, hand in hand with the family and friends in my life who need and deserve my undivided attention.

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