Boy Toys?


Is there really such a thing as a boy toy? I don’t mean in a Madonna sort of way…  I’m talking about gender specific toys. You know, dolls for girls, army men for boys. For the record, the dolls and army dudes totally hook-up after hours. Toy Story opened my eyes to that deviant underground society.

My kids don’t pay much attention to gender labels. They play with whatever captures their imaginations in the moment. My son often plays with his sister’s most iconic of girl toys — the dollhouse. Mind you, it generally serves as the hideout for robots, dinosaurs and a regiment of Storm Troopers.

My daughter plays with her dolls occasionally, but not for long. She’s at her happiest when she’s active. And sweaty. And dirty. What captures her interest most are bike rides, bugs in jars, soccer games and her new passion, baseball {which in our rather small yard has led to abundant trips to the neighbour’s on ball retrieval missions}.

Yesterday while my creative boy was creating, my sporty girl was playing with her new Grow-to-Pro Triple Hit Baseball machine. She started out t-ball style, but soon graduated to auto pitch. She can load the balls into the machine herself, run back into position and batter up. Not only does this give her a sense of independence, it allows me to sit on a lawn chair and read without ever getting up. My little Sporty Spice may live to be active, but sometimes a mama needs to get her ‘sit’ on.


While Baby Ruth was perfecting her swing, my boy was busy with this:


When we, as a Fisher-Price family, got our last batch of test toys, my son made a stop animation video starring the dollhouse family called When Good Families Go Bad. When we received the Fisher-Price Loving Family Mini-Van this month, he went straight to work on the sequel: A Family Road Trip, Gone Wrong. This time, for a twist, he added a little Imaginext Mega T-Rex action.


And here’s Avery At Bat knocking balls out of our yard. *I sincerely apologize for my loud Cher like ‘Whoooing’. It’s really quite awful* Also, what kind of mother laughs when her child gets popped on the head with a ball? In my defense, the ball is very soft and spongy. 🙂

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