Drawing Out Your Kids’ Artistic Talent

There are several very talented artists in my family. I am not one of them. As an elementary school teacher, I drew often on the white board. One day, I attempted to draw a horse. My Grade Twos, who have absolutely no tact by the way, were in hysterics. One student felt sorry for me and said, “Mrs. T., that is a really nice cat.” 
My brother clearly got the ‘artist gene,’ passed down to him from my grandmother; who used to create the most beautiful pastel drawings. My bro is a phenomenal artist and his horses, look like horses.
My father-in-law is also an incredible sketch artist. The other day he drew a life-like picture of me sitting at my computer, from behind. Granted, there is no way my butt looks that big in real life!? I’m going to chalk that up to artistic license and waning vision. 

He passed along his artistic ability to my husband (who I have asked NEVER to sketch me from behind). This summer, my son and his drawing daddy began began sketching outdoor scenes together. I have a great photo* of them sitting on a bench on a hill, overlooking the lake and marina, sketching together. In related news, I was wearing Sketchers.

Until very recently, our girl had zero interest in drawing. Crayons were merely a tool for defacing property. However, something clicked and now she’s hooked. She draws every day. On paper!  Fine and gross motor issues make drawing simple shapes difficult. Her early drawings of people’s faces were unrecognizable scribbles on the page. Now, she’s able to draw a perfect circle for the head and put facial features in the correct spots. This is a huge accomplishment. Now it’s only a matter of time before she starts drawing the body (excluding her mama’s derriere thankyouverymuch).

She drew this yesterday. She claims it’s me, but I say it’s a Sleestak from Land of the Lost. What do you think?

* I can’t find that photo. Apparently I’m a crappy artist AND I don’t know how to organize photos properly.


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