Cowboys and Seahawks


“What would you like to do tomorrow?” I asked my daughter as we snuggled at bedtime.

“Go to farm?” she asked.

In this weather? Not a chance. But instead of stating this disappointing fact I asked, “What would you see at a farm?”

“Sheep, cowboys, annnnnnnnd, Seahawks!” was her reply.

Hmm, it seems our family ritual of making football picks has had an affect on this child.

Every Sunday during football season, our family gathers ’round the table for a little friendly wagering. My husband reads out the competing NFL teams and we each predict the winners. Daddy has his own Proline card, there’s one for Grandpa, and the kids and I employ the majority rules method to compile our choices.

My husband and my dad actually consider stats and other footbally factors. But the kids and I have our own surprisingly effective method for picking teams. Our selections are based on gut instinct, aka the “Kismet and Karma Method.”

Here’s how it works (teams and rational for predicted winners):

  • Carolina Panthers vs. New York Jets  Predicted Winner: Jets — There was a jet flying over head at that particular moment (as seen out the window).
  •  New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars  Predicted Winner: Jaguars — DD had just finished watching Go! Diego Go! Diego’s best friend? Baby Jaguar. 
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Detroit Lions Predicted Winner: Steelers — We had just purchased a new stainless steel dishwasher.
  •  San Franciso 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams  Predicted Winner: 49ers — It was the last year my friend would be 49 years old. 
  •  Kansas City Chiefs vs. Washington Redskins Predicted Winner: Redskins — Had a reaction to a new skin cream and my face was quite red.

You get the idea. It’s ludicrous, but eerily accurate at times.

Two years ago, I played a ticket — it was a solo effort that is now a legend in our family lore…

The majority of the games had been played and as of bedtime, Christmas Eve, 2009, I had thirteen games out of fourteen correct. As we lay nestled in our bed, there were visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, along with piles of cash!! I was going to win this thing!!

I awoke Christmas morning with great anticipation — was Santa going to bring mama a win? The Tennessee Titans were pitted against the San Diego Chargers in a Christmas Day game. There was a Christmas Miracle that day my friends — it was the first time in history that I was actually interested in a football game.

This was a tough pairing. One on the one hand, I had done a lot of “charging” during the holiday season therefore, the Chargers were strong contenders. On the other hand, the winter had brought such chilly weather I frequently wore tights. Therefore the Titans could not be ruled out.

I followed my razor sharp instincts on this one and went with the Titans.

You can imagine my heartbreak when the Chargers trounced the Titans 47-17. Oh, the agony of defeat.

“How do I go on after such a bitter loss ($350,000 to be precise)?” you ask?

I hold on to the memory of that near win in the hope that my legacy will continue with my children. That one day, the Cowboys and Seahawks will play, and that my daughter will have chosen the Cowboys after watching Toy Story (obviously), and the Cowboys will be victorious…

I know. I’m delusional but hot damn I hate losing.

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