Dexter Who?


We don’t have cable t.v.. You can read about why we’re such losers here.

We DO have Netflix however and have been devouring the HBO show, Dexter. So disgusting and disturbing, and completely excellent.

Of course, we only watch when the kids are asleep. God knows we don’t need to burden them with a life-long phobia of serial killers. I grew up out west when a very famous child murderer was on the loose….in our neighbourhood. Creeeeeeeeeepy.

Yesterday my son said, “Doesn’t Avery remind you of Dexter?”

Granted, she DID have blood red jam on her sweater but….!?

“Uh, what do you mean?” I asked, horrified (was he only pretending to be asleep, but secretly listening in on our adult show??! Should I book his therapy sessions now?)

“I mean, how she’s sneaky and doesn’t listen and is always getting into mischief? Remember? Like in Night At The Museum?” he explained.

Oh, THAT Dexter!

Yes. Yes she does. 🙂

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