A Fine Line Between “Boo Hoo” & “Whoo Hoo!”

I put the “mental” in sentimental on more than one occasion this week. I could easily write a sappy post about the heartbreak of watching my children head off to school this fall. It’s odd, this weird mixture of nostalgia and fierce pride watching your babies grow up before your eyes.

I could lament about my son starting grade one and what a caring, big-hearted little man he is becoming.

I could write about how his little sister is missing her playmate desperately and about the fear I have about my daughter, post Epilepsy diagnosis, going to preschool 2x a week.

I could.

But instead I am going to list the things my dear children do to annoy the living crap out of me on a daily basis—the things that enable mothers to wipe away the tears, and let out an elated “Yeee-ha!” (possibly too elated, as other parents stare, aghast, as you peel out of the parking lot) as you drop off your mini-yous at school.

Here is my Top Ten List…in no particular order (though number one is a major pet peeve):

1. Mimicking my every word like a myna bird with an attitude

2. Peeing in the bathroom, EVERYWHERE but IN the toilet

3. Throwing food on the floor, refusing food, spitting out food…Yes, I’m talking to YOU my darling daughter.

4. Bum wiping. Enough said about that.

5. The word, “Mine!” forcing me into doing the fake, calm voice otherwise…it could get ugly.

6. The 6 year old trying sarcasm on for size and not quite pulling it off.

7. Asking the same question over and over and over until I’m forced to come up with an acceptable answer.

8. Tapping or tugging on any part of my body to get my attention.

9. Waking. Me. Up. Nightly. So. Effing. Tired.

10. Wrapping me so tightly around their sticky little fingers that they have me completely, utterly and desperately devoted to them until the day I die. Damn them and their dirty tricks!


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  • I'm glad you have a diagnosis for your daughter… that news must bring a sense of relief. One of my best friends has epilepsy and is managed quite well with medication.
    It is so bittersweet watching our children grow up, huh? Your little guy is in grade 1 – wow! Monday, my son starts kindergarten. I'm freaking, still. And Dimitry will start playgroup twice a week. Yikes. Amazing how quickly they grow!

  • Haha. Oh god I'm so looking forward to all those things – peeing on the floor / being asked all kinds of insane questions / bum wiping…. Maybe they should stay little a bit longer…

  • I can imagine there is some fear and relief in having a diagnosis for your daughter. I'm sure that will be it's own journey and I will keep you in my thoughts.

    As for this post – thank you. I needed it. As I send my son off to preschool (and I weep) thank you for a chuckle and taste of reality. 😉

  • I thought I was going to bawl when I dropped off Rebecca for her first day yesterday, but (thankfully?) they took forever to get out the door. I was so frazzled (and late) that when we got to school her class was already heading in the door and I gave her a quick kiss and she was gone.
    Glad to hear you have a diagnonsis for you little girl. That must be a relief in many ways.

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