You’re Not Still Using The R-Word Are You?


Last year in the school yard, children repeatedly asked my son if his sister was retarded. When he finally told me about it I was ready to bang some heads together. Luckily my child is more mature than his hot-headed mother. He chose to take action by making this VIDEO to present to his peers resulting in meaningful conversations and a greater understanding about what it’s like to have a sibling with special needs.

The fact is, children follow so it’s our job as adults to be kind, educated, moral leaders. When adults don’t set a good example we end up with a new generation of ignorant, intolerant adults.

Out for dinner recently an adult at our table joked about something retarded they did at work. I was shocked, but I didn’t say anything. 

How is this still happening in 2014?

If I stay silent I’m part of the problem. This frustrates me. As the parent of a child with special needs am I expected to police the internet and the world around me like an R-word detecting watch dog? I’d really rather not.

You might think that retard(ed) is merely a word and that we—the people
who love someone with special needs—are just overly sensitive. Fine, but when when you KNOW that this word hurts a significant portion of the population, why would you deliberately choose (yes it’s a choice) to
continue to use it anyway? Is your vocabulary that limited? May I lend you my thesaurus?

Alison Rowan created this awesome image!

The Spread the Word to End the Word campaign (the first Wednesday of March annually) asks people to pledge to stop saying the R-word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people. Language affects attitudes and attitudes affect actions.” Source

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