We’re Fancakes of This Pancakes Song

Today is Shrove Tuesday—also known as Fat Tuesday. *looks down at muffin top in shock and awe*

We’re not Catholic. As far as religion goes, we fall in the “heathen” category. When people tell me to go to hell, I grin smugly because I know there is no such place. Other than Costco on a Sunday at noon. Obviously.

But whenever there’s a holiday or special occasion attached to a religion, we gladly latch on. Especially if there’s maple syrup involved. Or presents. 

So tonight we’ll be making pancakes. And singing this Making Pancakes song. Repeatedly. Like, the entire time we’re making pancakes because once you get it in your head it will be stuck there for eternity. #pancakepurgatory

Additional Random Pancake Facts:
  • We don’t actually eat bacon. I haven’t had pork on my fork since 1989.
  • This song is my son’s morning alarm ring tone. I hear it EVERY. DAY.
  • We love this pancake recipe: Fluffy Pancakes
  • Fluffy Pancakes sounds like a stripper name. 
  • This is our fave “healthier” pancakes recipe: Breakfast of Champions Pancakes
  • Pancakes were invented in 1794 by a serf in rural France named Jacques. They were so well received they caused quite a flap. Hence the term “Flap Jacques” which was later Americanized to Flap Jacks. This ‘may’be totally made up. 

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! *waddles over to the treadmill while trying not to spill mug of coffee*

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